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SVAA and Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

SVAA has entered into an agreement with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide training for all of our head coaches.  PCA is a national non-profit organization designed to provide coaches the tools and skills to improve communication methods with players and, importantly, to assist coaches in delivering valuable life lessons and sportsmanship principles to our young men and women.

Beginning with the 2009-10 winter basketball season, we will require all head coaches to become certified either by attending a training session in person or by performing the session online.  A live session will be held Sunday, November 21st for head coaches. 

The training session will occupy the first part of the meeting and the second portion will be our standard meeting with the respective league president where coaches will receive rosters, jerseys, etc.  Fees for the live session, including booklet, will be paid by SVAA.  As head coach, if you are unable to attend either of the aforementioned sessions, you may take the course online at your expense of $15 (code will be needed which can be obtained from SVAA).

We have included a link to the PCA website.  SVAA Board of Directors have already attended a training session and believe PCA will provide benefits to all head coaches regardless of the sport they coach.  Training sessions are geared to all sports rather than to a particular sport. Once a head coach is certified by PCA, they are not required to recertify if they coach another SVAA sport.

We appreciate your volunteering to coach and recognize the time and effort that goes into what you do.  We believe this program will strengthen your coaching skills as a head coach and that our players will benefit tremendously from your leadership.

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